Rustic Blanket Ladder



You know what makes the best rustic blanket ladder? The base of an apple picking ladder, with a 20″ wide base narrowing to 18″ at the top. Near and dear to our heart, with a small orchard of our own we’ve sanded this ladder smoothed and angled the base, keeping this ladder in pristine condition with it’s original rungs and nails. Short and wide, this rustic wooden blanket ladder adds just the right amount of cozy to any home!

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  • Stands Approximately 54″ tall, 20″ wide at the base and 18″ wide at the top with a 3″ depth
  • Includes 4 Rungs & Angled Legs
  • Originally Sourced Apple Picking Ladder

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 58 × 20 × 3 in