4 Reasons A CSA Is Right For You

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You Believe In Supporting Local

When you have your choice of going to the mall, or hitting the corner store on main street – you always opt local. Maybe you grew up in a small town and supporting your friends and family was just part of daily life, or maybe you thrive in a community that embraces small business – whatever led you here, you’re in great company. As you continue to look for new and exciting ways to support your neighbors, why not support your local farmer by joining their CSA. Not only do you support local, but you’ll now be sourcing local.


You Strive To Eat Healthy

Eating good for you food is something you strive to do. Sure you fall into the fast food line occasionally but you feel your best coming home to a fridge full of local produce and small-batch farm goods. With a CSA healthy food is at your fingertips each week, and provides a plethora of recipes making healthy meals seems effortless and so much more satisfying.


You Support Sustainable Practices

You may not realize it but those natural cleaners you use for cleaning, recycling bin by the door, and energy efficient light bulbs are all one step closer to living a sustainable lifestyle. Now that you’ve joined a CSA you’re also practicing sustainable farming. We not only use crop rotation, minimal tillage, and natural fertilizers but now that you’re sourcing local you’ve also eliminated the need to transport food for thousands of miles. Look at you – effortlessly making our planet a better place to live.


You Want Truly Fresh Food

Despite your love of vegetables, there’s nothing fresh about asparagus during a Michigan January. If you want the freshest foods, try eating with the seasons. Eating fresh produce when it’s in season means better nutritional value, flavor and economic value for you. There’s also a reason you like roast and root vegetables in the winter and a chicken salad in the summer – food follows a natural harmony that you can only get by exploring seasonality in the kitchen.

Sound Like A Good Reason?

Do you want to practice sustainable farming, eat healthy produce, receive the freshest goods and support your local farmer? Consider joining the Henstooth Homestead 2018 CSA today!

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