Why We Farm

the reasoning behind it all
Before you go any further we feel like you should know why we’re here, and what exactly we plan to do.

Why are we here? To get back to the basics. That’s kind of how this whole thing started. We’re tired of running loops for other people, around other people, with other people. We wanted to revert back to the simple routine of hardwork and fruitful bounty. That’s what landed us here on a 8 acre farm built in the 1930s. As we began learning its history, our idea of a simple life morphed into reviving this place with some of its original assets (chicken coop, shop, orchard, garden, etc.). Within a short year’s time we now have a small farm.



So what exactly do we plan to do? You could ask us this question everyday, and you’d probably get a different answer each time. We think our lofty plan (or lack of) is the most interesting part of this journey. We’re learning by trial and error, exploring old concepts new to us, and seeing what we like versus what we don’t. Our small chunk of earth IS the land of opportunity. Opportunity to learn and grow, do good, and better our lives and those we share it with.

Share. That one word is the only thing this little slice of internet is intended to do. We want to share our journey with those interested. If you don’t live our lifestyle, but think it’s cool, sweet follow us. If you don’t care, move along. If you’re in the same trenches, we feel ya, so reach out and share your experiences too!


Lastly, we’re doing this because WE want to. We believe in self-sufficiency, hard honest work, and raising our own food. We’re not claiming to be experts, and we’re definitely not here to preach what’s good or bad. We’re real people, and willing to admit that while we love eating our homegrown food, sometimes modern day conveniences are more enticing.  We’re not here to reinvent the wheel and as you’ll soon see we fail more than we succeed. 

So now that you know our intentions, we’re asking you to respect what we’re doing here, and we promise to do the same.

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