Why Is Merino Wool So Expensive?

the reason behind the price tag
Taking our Wiley Woolly to shows always results in the same things. The touch, compliments on how soft the blankets are, and then the brave ones ask “How much?” Some are bold enough to say they can just make it themselves, but most nod and walk away abruptly ending the genuine conversation we could have had.

You know the question we never get asked is why? Why is the price so high?

So since you won’t ask, we’re just going to tell you the 5 reasons why 100% Merino wool is so expensive:


It grows really slowly.

Slow growth means flock sizes are typically larger to handle the Merino demand. Remember the ol’ formula for supply and demand? Well, price is a factor.


It’s very fine.

Fiber fineness is measured in microns, and our Merino wool ranges from 23 – 16 microns. That’s less than half the thickness of the average wool you’re used to. The fine fibers create a smooth, soft texture, instead of the scratchy feel you cringe about when you traditionally hear the word “wool”. It also means you need more fibers to produce that heavy chunky knit blanket.


It’s not locally sourced.

More often than not I get asked if I source local, and while I wish I could say yes, just know that the good stuff is from New Zealand. We are, however, in the process of expanding our farm to possibly include a small herd of Merino Sheep – more on that this Spring!



Stink free and hypoallergenic.

Blankets that use synthetic fibers tend to hold in stink, so most blankets that use a fiber blend or even some that claim to be a Merino blend are prone to hold onto odor – 100% Merino wool is stink free! And if you’re concerned about the fact it’s sheared from an animal, you can relax, Merino wool is known for its hypoallergenic nature.


Lasts longer, fewer cleanings.

Some people hear “dry clean only” and instantly think it’s a high maintenance addition to their home. Fear not, since it’s stink free, cleanings can be less frequent. Also, since our blankets are made of 100% Merino wool, the natural material is guaranteed to last longer than any synthetic blend you’re accustomed to.


Now it makes sense doesn’t it? The price reflects the care put into a Merino sheep flock, the quality of wool they produce, and the handcrafted character of each one knitted by yours truly.

We make these blankets this way because we respect the process, the feeling it brings to the home, and the fact that, if properly cared for, these blankets will last generations.

So next time just ask – for Wiley, there’s a story behind every product. 

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